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Fatty acids and botanicals

for fungal control

120 tablets


CapriPlus is a natural mycostatic complex providing a broad spectrum of high potency antifungal nutrients with anti-Candida albicans specificity. Caprylic acid and sorbic acid are fatty acids demonstrated to control both the yeast and fungal forms of this organism. Odorless garlic is included for its widely-researched anti-fungal properties. Oil of oregano contains a complex mixture of highly active terpenoids and phenolic compounds known to exert strong antimicrobial activity. Importantly, CapriPlus tablets are enterically coated for optimal intestinal release and patient compliance.

  • Caprylic acid has long been known as an effective inhibitor of Candida albicans in the human intestinal tract without undesirable side effects (Arch Intern Med 1954, pp. 55-60).
  • Sorbic acid is another agent with anti-Candida activity (J Appl Bacteriol 1983;54:383-9) that has lowered intestinal yeast counts in animal studies (Poult Sci 1985;64:832-40).
  • Oil of oregano has been identified as one of the most potent antifungal essential oils ever tested, superior to both tea tree oil and caprylic acid (Antimicrob Chemother 1998;42:591-5); J Applied Nutr 1995;47:96-102).
  • Garlic, another potent antifungal agent, has been shown effective for inhibiting intestinal Candida growth in animal studies (Br Vet J 1980;136: 448-51).

Suggested use for adults: Four tablets divided over one day, taken on an empty stomach, or as directed.