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The Karuna line of nutritional therapeutics—natural medicines and supplements—is available exclusively to Licensed Health Care Practitioners. If you are a Licensed Health Care Practitioner, we invite you to activate your personal, secure and entirely confidential Karuna account. This is a convenient way of ordering reliable Karuna formulations to benefit your patients, and your account is strictly confidential: no information will ever be shared with third parties for any reason.

Call Toll-Free to Order: 1-800-826-7225

A cheerful Karuna Customer Service Specialist will assist you in placing your order. Karuna offices hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Monday thru Friday. During non-busines hours, Karuna Voice Mail is available to receive your orders, which will be confirmed by phone call and / or e-mail and shipped promptly the next business day.

Or FAX Your Order Toll-Free Anytime Day or Night: 1-800-711-6740

Please login to view and PRINT your Karuna Price List and Fax Order Form. FAXING orders toll-free is preferred by many Karuna Customers. Make copies of the Price List and Fax Order Form and use it to fax your orders anytime day or night. Faxing allows you to retain a written copy of your order. Please be sure to include your Customer Number on both sides of the faxed order form. Please email us at info@karunahealth.com for an updated price list.
Order Online!
First activate your Licensed Health Care Practitioner Account with Karuna. You can take advantage of convenient on-line ordering by requesting an account then filling out and submitting the form. We will process the request within 24 hours and e-mail your confirmation. Once you have received your Account Number, please Log In and enter your User Name and your Password. This will enable you to view all the current prices and order through our convenient and secure shopping cart.

For a printable fact sheet on Karuna products and how to order with us, download the Karuna Fact Sheet by clicking on this link.