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The MAXXUM™ Family of Comprehensive Daily Supplements

The MAXXUM Family features comprehensive, balanced formulations of vitamins, minerals and accessory nutrients in their purest, active forms. Seven different formulations accommodate a variety of patient needs and preferences in a high-potency nutritional supplement program.

Multiple vitamin-mineral supplements provide insurance against micronutrient deficiencies when either the diet or gastrointestinal absorption is not ideal. They also provide a high level of nutrients that are beneficial at levels above what is possible to obtain from diet alone. Recommending a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement provides a simple behavior change for people to incorporate into their lifestyle. Clinical studies have documented many benefits of these supplements, including the support of the immune system, eye health, optimal pregnancy outcomes, normal cognitive development in children, and successful stress management.

  • The MAXXUM family is formulated to incorporate the latest research findings, combining optimal forms and amounts of nutrients with affordable cost.
  • The MAXXUM family all contain a balanced 10:1 zinc:copper ratio, use only natural beta-carotene and vitamin E, and deliver calcium in the same citrate:malate ratio found optimal in clinical studies.
  • Folic acid is included to the maximum allowable amounts, and selenium and chromium levels are in line with current health maintenance research.
  • Vitamin K is included to address emerging concerns about inadequate intake of this important bone support nutrient.
  • Excessive amounts of inexpensive vitamins, as well as lesser amounts of superfluous ingredients, sometimes added as ‘windowdressing’ to inferior multis, have been avoided.
  • Multiple vitamin-minerals support optimal production of important immunochemicals and the maintenance of immune resistance (Lancet 1992;340:1124-7; Ann Intern Med 2003;138:365-71).
  • Multiple vitamin-minerals help preserve the health of eye structures essential for normal vision (J Am Coll Nutr 1991;10:550).
  • Multiple vitamin-minerals support normal intrauterine development during pregnancy (Am J Epidemiol 2000;151:878-84; Am J Med Genet 1996;62:179-83).
  • Multiple vitamin-minerals support normal cognitive development in schoolchildren (J Altern Complement Med 2000;6:19-29).
  • Multiple vitamin-minerals support the body’s effort to manage the effects of stress (Psychopharmacology 2000;150:220-5; S Afr Med J 2000;90:1216-23).
  • The MAXXUM family contain no yeast, wheat, soy, corn, milk, sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring.