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  • Clinical interest in Echinacea extract is evidenced by dozens of research studies on its therapeutic properties.
  • Extracts of Echinacea species contain polysaccharides, alkylamides/polyacetylenes and caffeic acid derivatives that have immune stimulating effects such as proliferation of natural killer cells and monocytes, activation of macrophages, and production of cytokines (Phytomedicine 2003;10:66-86).
  • Numerous clinical studies attest to the benefits of Echinacea for providing relief and restoring normal upper respiratory function after exposure to common viruses (J Fam Pract 1999;48:628-35; J Clin Pharm Ther 2004;29:75-83; Arzneimittelforschung 2001;51:563-8; Phytomedicine 1999;6:1-5; Arch Fam Med 1998;7:541-5).