Zinc Picolinate Plus™

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Highly absorbable zinc with copper

60 vegetarian capsules

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Zinc Picolinate Plus™

Mild zinc deficiency can result in many diverse symptoms that may present in the healthcare practice and the multitude of zinc functions in the body suggests a number of important roles in health maintenance. Normal childhood growth, immune system function, tissue repair, macular integrity, and clear skin all depend on adequate zinc nutrition. Zinc Picolinate provides a highly absorbable form of zinc, allowing for reduced doses while maintaining effectiveness.

Zinc Picolinate Plus provides copper for safe long-term use, while a copper-free formula is also available for short-term use or when copper is not desirable.

  • Refer to About...Zinc.
  • Prolonged use of zinc supplements may prevent adequate absorption of copper (Gastroenterology 1993; 104:1566-1575); therefore copper should be included with long-term zinc therapy (Am J Clin Nutr 1984; 40:743-6).

Suggested use for adults: One capsule daily, or as directed.