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Immune Support

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  1. Ashwagandha Root

    Ashwagandha Root

    Time-honored Ayurvedic regimen for support of the immune system and general health

    120 vegetarian capsules
  2. BronchEze™


    Physiologic support formula for pulmonary health

    180 vegetarian capsules
  3. C-1000™


    Convenient, cost-effective form for easy compliance 120 vegetarian capsules

  4. C-Care Powder™

    C-Care Powder™

    Buffered, hypoallergenic vitamin C powder from ascorbic acid (8 ounces)
  5. C-Plex™


    Hypoallergenic vitamin C with bioflavonoids 90 tablets
  6. Echinacea Plus™

    Echinacea Plus™

    Botanical concentrates and micronutrients for comprehensive immune system support

    60 tablets
  7. Elderberry Extract

    Elderberry Extract

    Liquid extract of Elderberry and Red Raspberry leaf for winter health

    Four fluid ounces
  8. Olive Leaf Extract

    Olive Leaf Extract

    High oleuropein content for multisystem benefits 60 vegetarian capsules
  9. Sho-Saiko-To


    Traditional Chinese herbal formula for hepatic and immune system support

    60 vegetarian capsules
  10. ThyMune™


    Balanced thymus tissue complex for immune support

    60 capsules
  11. Yin Chiao

    Yin Chiao

    Ancient Chinese formula for systemic health in winter

    Two fluid ounces
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11 Item(s)