Immune Support

  1. Ashwagandha Root Product #5116

    Ashwagandha Root
    Time-honored Ayurvedic regimen for support of the immune system and general health

    120 vegetarian capsules

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  2. BronchEze™ Product #9121

    Physiologic support formula for pulmonary health

    180 vegetarian capsules

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  3. C-1000™ Product #1210

    Convenient, cost-effective form for easy compliance 120 vegetarian capsules

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  4. C-Care Powder™ Product #1203

    C-Care Powder™
    Buffered, hypoallergenic vitamin C powder from ascorbic acid (8 ounces)

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  5. C-Plex™ Product #1204

    Hypoallergenic vitamin C with bioflavonoids 90 tablets

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  6. Echinacea Plus™ Product #5102

    Echinacea Plus™
    Botanical concentrates and micronutrients for comprehensive immune system support

    60 tablets

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  7. Elderberry Extract Product #5121

    Elderberry Extract
    Liquid extract of Elderberry and Red Raspberry leaf for winter health

    Four fluid ounces

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  8. Garlic Product #5215

    Odorless garlic, with stabilized bioavailable ingredients for cardiovascular health 120 tablets

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  9. Olive Leaf Extract Product #5211

    Olive Leaf Extract
    High oleuropein content for multisystem benefits 60 vegetarian capsules

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  10. RespiClear™ Product #9131

    Liquid respiratory mucous membrane protection and immune defense

    4 fluid ounces

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  11. Sho-Saiko-To Product #5123

    Traditional Chinese herbal formula for hepatic and immune system support

    60 vegetarian capsules

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  12. ThyMune™ Product #9202

    Balanced thymus tissue complex for immune support

    60 capsules

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  13. Yin Chiao Product #5128

    Yin Chiao
    Ancient Chinese formula for systemic health in winter

    Two fluid ounces

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